Release Management

Systems, configurations and IT infrastructures are subject to frequent changes. Release Management includes all processes to bundle requirements for the releases in a structured way, as well as the systematic implementation, testing and deployment of the releases.

Systematic Release Management balances the requirement for stability and availability of the systems with the requirement for agile implementation of new business requirements.

As part of creating a release strategy, during workshops our consultants develop a customized concept incorporating the following aspects:
  • The determination of key performance indicators to control the Release Management
  • Definition of the release types and development of the release calendar
  • Analysis and recommendations for the system landscape and, if applicable, separation into implementation landscape and maintenance landscape
  • Concept for technical implementation with Change Request Management in SAP Solution Manager
  • Development of guidelines and procedural instructions for operating Release Management

Factors for success with Release Management include early consideration of the technical implementation in SAP Solution Manager and actively discussing the changes with the different departments, project managers and SAP administrators.

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