ALM strategy

A clear ALM strategy is the key to implementing end-to-end Application Lifecycle Management. This places companies in a position to implement business applications faster and operate them with lower costs. Vostura’s strategy consulting focuses on IT organizations, IT processes and system landscapes.

We provide answers to the following questions:
  • How mature are the IT processes currently, which processes are to be optimized, and which processes need to be established?
  • What are the actual benefits of taking the recommended improvements?
  • To what extent is it necessary to adjust the current system landscape?
  • How can I ensure the successful incorporation of the different departments?
  • What tools can best support my ALM strategy?

Our ALM strategy service provides an assessment of the actual situation and supplies a planning guide covering all ALM processes.

The analysis takes all aspects of the IT Infrastructure Library® (ITIL) into account in terms of implementation, operation and optimization. The ALM strategy plan provides customized and prioritized recommendations, which processes, tools and organizational changes need to be implemented with a planning horizon of six to twelve months.

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